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Mahtab Eskandari – Ph.D.

Curriculum and pedagogy are my fields of interest. I have been an educator as a Science, ESL, Arts and Anthropology teacher since 1998. I started with the Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics in Iran; and traveling as an international rural educator, I found interest in Anthropology, Social studies and Environmental education in international indigenous communities. I enjoy working with teachers in practicum settings and communicating and interacting with different generations and cultures towards improving learning and teaching.  Over the years I have researched active and dynamic integration of technology (with a focus on animation and decolonizing network systems) and museum learning in teacher education as well as multicultural education.

My students ages have ranged from 6-63 years old in diverse communities and places in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Canada. These experiences have inspired me to explore more in knowing about potentials and issues of concern in education field as I seek to know more about the design and implementation of curriculum and ethical education methodologies based on cultural conditions for teacher education.

Jasmine Dares – M.A.

Committee Member, Jasmine Dares. (in process). Raptivism: Exploring Rap Music as Activism and Pedagogy. Department of Educational Studies (EDST).

DLC Cohort – M.Ed.

The 2010-2012 TSED M.Ed. cohort class include twenty-one k-12 teachers form the lower mainland.

Caroline Matthews – M.Ed.

Caroline Matthews (2004). The Power of Community Art in the Classroom: An Overview. M.Ed. Paper

Virtual Education

This online book and course “Identity and Place in Contemporary Art” was created through a partnership with Davis Publishing Inc., and Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and Art21 a non profit emmy-award winning television series.